Anonymous: Hey just wondering if i could have your permission to use one of your gifs as part of my bands logo, thanks

Give me one reason why should I let you do that and I will.

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Here’s a simple function you can use for easing motions, just set your “time” variable to go from 0 to 1.
The ‘g’ adjusts the amount of easing.
In the animation above I used the function like this:x = 300 * ease(time, g);float ease(float p, float g){  if (p < 0.5)     return 0.5 * pow(2*p, g);  else    return 1 - 0.5 * pow(2*(1 - p), g);}
Edit: the “if” statement was missing the part after ‘<’ because html ingored that character thinking it was a part of html :S
Anonymous: Hi! I absolutely love your work. I just wanted to tell you, since I'm thinking you're not a native english speaker.... that you want to write "message me" instead of "massage" -- that's like a back rub. :) I'm american but I learned French and Italian through being corrected - as a gesture of friendship, not condescension! Thanks again for the visual inspiration....

i know what i wrote ;)

btw, thanks for the kind words..

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Here’s the new version of ZEFF..

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Enjoy the Night Sky.

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Ĩujem Onra na Outlooku, fino
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